Last Aryans

The spartan and rugged Dha Hanu valley in Ladakh; home to the Brokpas - the village can be seen in the distance at the base of the mountainOld Brokpa women enjoying a conversation attired in their floral headgearBrokpa men with their prayer wheels at the roadside awaiting the lama (monk) Brokpa woman with her granddaughter Brokpa woman dressed up in her traditional finery with heavy silver jewellery, floral headgear and a sheepskin capeOld Brokpa man wearing a single flower in his cap, warming himself in the last rays of the winter sun Brokpa family at the doorstep to their modest home Brokpa children after a day at school with an old Brokpa woman Brokpa father with his beautiful daughterBrokpa siblings all shy and coy before the cameraBrokpa women in a tete-a-tete and sharing a laugh together Study in contrasts - young Brokpa man in traditional attire along with his cousins in jeans and sweatshirtsAn admiring glance - the headman of the village along with his spouseDaughter-in-law of the house preparing tea in the kitchen Brokpa man and his children outside their house of stone and timberOutside an affluent home - Brokpa family “My imagination is a monastery, and I am its monk” - John KeatsOld Brokpa woman outside her house Young Brokpa man in his apricot orchardBrokpa women heading to the gompa (monastery) for prayersBrokpa woman standing in the village "street"Brokpa woman waiting for the Buddhist lama (monk) to come to the village  In safe hands - Brokpa grandmother with her granddaughter in a goatskin capeBrokpa woman with her grand-niece Brokpa couple in their traditional finery just before a prayer ceremony Brokpa lady heading to collect water from the stream Brokpa man on his way to the gompa (monastery) with his prayer wheel in hand Old Brokpa lady in an elaborate headdress adorning which is also a photograph of the Dalai LamaBrokpa man who earns his living as a labourer, crushing stones to build roads